Fabian Dittrich


As a child, Fabian often felt like he didn’t belong. Neither in school, where he mostly kept to himself nor at home with his own family. Ever the go-between, Fabian faced the burden and the blessing of being untied and thus free to move effortlessly between worlds.

Whether living as a homeless person, in Cologne while studying computer science, engaging in ancient rituals with shamans in the Peruvian jungle, or driving an old Mercedes from Berlin to Cape Town, Fabian always threw himself fearlessly into the unknown. For 15 years, he traveled the world, often venturing into places where only few had gone before him, meeting people from everywhere in the world and learning their stories.

In the last three years, Fabian worked with 300+ international clients, among them Microsoft, Intel and Virgin Atlantic. He was never sitting in an office, instead he worked from his Land Rover Defender.

Today, he spends as much time as possible in his house in Lustica, Montenegro, reading, playing the guitar and only leaves to guide visitors to austrian hungraian forts, to get spare parts for the Defender or to pursue his passion for freediving.