our speaker on tedx kotor

Jovana Stojanović

Jovana Stojanovic, theatre and radio director, last year founded her life/artistic project called “Projectination” which fights against self and collective procrastination and for sustainability in arts which should contribute to taking care of environmental crises. The project started when she found herself uncomfortable next to the Now, she knew that she needs to take action rather than responsibility.
Now she works as a freelancer in the domain of performing arts across Europe, using an artistic method as a tool to call people for (re)actions of awakeness for the benefits of the planet.
Her direction is focused on extending her knowledge, collaborations and experience in the scientific field as she believes that both art and science are in search for the meaning of life, and they both work on spreading awareness about the external and internal milieu.

Sharing a story is just being a story. Because you are the story while the story creates itself. Save the stories!