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Maja Raicevic has been active in Montenegrin civil society for 18 years. Her activism began at the Women’s Safe House, the first Montenegrin shelter for women and children – domestic violence survivors. She was involved in the founding of the first shelter for women and children who survived in human trafficking in Montenegro, well known for a high profile case that revealed the involvement of some public figures and politicians. 

In 2012. she established NGO Women’s Rights Center (WRC) where she currently holds the position of the executive director. So far, the organisation received several awards for contribution to civic activism and civil society development.

Within the activities of the Women’s Rights Center, she works directly with women survivors of gender-based violence and discrimination, supporting their protection and access to justice. The organisation is also known for the awarded campaign “Neželjena” (“Unwanted”) launched together with the McCann Podgorica, and with the support of McCann Beograd team, to prevent the abuse of prenatal tests that led to selective abortions of females.

Maja participated in the implementation of some of the key projects in the field of human rights monitoring in Montenegro, including institutions of closed type, such as Institute for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities and women’s prison. She runs workshops on gender equality, women’s human rights and violence against women for NGOs, youth and respective institutions. She was the author of numerous reports and publications on women’s human rights and participated in the preparation of a series of national policies in the field of gender equality and gender-based violence.

Maja is a member of the national Operational Team on Violence against Women and Domestic Violence.